Academic Tuition 

At Kev's Class, we encourage students to have fun as a part of their education, adapting all of our sessions and activities to meet their abilities and interests to make learning a positive experience. We know that learners now have some of the lowest academic self-perception than ever before (and Kev’s research paper explores this) and so we are dedicated to building confidence through interactive, tailored sessions that work to improve our learners' self-perception and in turn, academic achievement. 


English can be an intimidating subject for many students; it is a notoriously hard language and often has contradictory rules that children can find hard to grasp. At Kev's Class, we aim to make language learning fun and interactive. Our tutors have years of experience helping students develop their understanding of the language and literature. 

English Tutors 

Our English Tutors focus on instilling key skills such as spelling, punctuation and grammar, comprehension, and writing. Our unique learning materials curated in-house by our team of tutors guide students through topics on the Scottish Curriculum and stretch their learning to go beyond what they focus on at school. With a blend of computer-based and paper-based resources, our tutors create fun and interactive sessions that help students feel more confident in school.

Small Group and Private English Lessons 

Our English lessons are fun and interactive, designed to enthuse students about all aspects of English. For our primary school students learning is centred around building key skills in all of the core areas of the Scottish Curriculum and students are encouraged to read widely to build those all-important language skills. In many of our English sessions, we also teach Creative Writing, using various fun and exciting writing prompts which help students develop their writing skills and have fun with writing!


In our experience, maths is a subject that many students struggle with. There are several reasons why a child might find maths difficult. We recognise that factors such as learning difficulties, low motivation, lack of confidence, difficulty contextualising problems, or difficulty comprehending worded problems can contribute to this struggle.

Whatever the reason may be, our tutors have years of experience in helping students build the necessary skills and confidence, for them to enjoy and excel in maths!

Maths Tutors 

Using our own teaching resources curated by our team of maths specialists, our maths tuition is fully aligned with the Scottish Curriculum. Our small classes and individualised teaching approach offer students the opportunity to learn at their own pace, whilst our maths tutors use a multi-sensory, themed approach that is relatable to our learners.

This includes verbal explanations, on-the-board explanations, and various teaching prompts such as clocks, counters, number lines and flash cards.

Maths Resources 

The teaching resources we use are fun and interactive and students are given homework through our online learning platform, should they want it. The work gets marked and feedback is given in the next lesson to ensure that the topic taught is consolidated.

Some key primary topics include; the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), algebra, angles, shape, space and measure.

Small Group and Private Maths Tuition 

Many students who seek support in maths lack confidence in their abilities. Our friendly team of maths tutors work with each child to help build their confidence by covering basics and going through concepts as many times as needed for the student.

Our small group and private maths learners thrive in our supported learning environment and can meet their learning needs and become confident learners.

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Private Tuition

We understand that children have different needs and learning styles and that some students do better with one-to-one support. As such we also offer private tuition for students who prefer this learning approach. 

Private Tutors 

Our private tutors are specialists in their teaching field. 

Our tutors have outstanding academic backgrounds and teaching experience alongside the ability to build a great rapport with their students. The private tuition support is individually tailored and targeted to help students boost their skills and confidence and reach their academic goals. All our tutors are PVG checked by Disclosure Scotland.  

Our private tuition takes place at our tuition centre and we ensure the private tuition we offer is scheduled to suit a student's timetable, offering classes that suit them!

Working with one of our private tutors means students can learn at a pace that is suitable for them. Our tutors are able to cover topics needed in a personalised and in-depth manner to ensure that our students develop their understanding, confidence and love for the subject.

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